3 Caffeine Alternatives That Will Make You Want To Ditch Starbucks

Are you currently caffeinated? You start your morning with a cup, brew a pot when that post-lunch slump hits, and then throw back a few shots of espresso to stay awake until you make dinner. But as much as we can’t get enough of our favorite brew, it’s not exactly good for you. Coffee, and caffeine, can have some definite downsides: think the post espresso jitters or the pounding headache you just can’t shake when you skip your daily dose. Luckily,if you’re looking to wean yourself off of a caffeine dependency, you’ll find plenty of caffeine alternatives at your local health store, and even your favorite coffee shop, to keep the buzz and stay healthy.

1. Carob Coffee

You might think of Carob as a cocoa substitute, but its rich flavor and loaded nutritional profile make it a great replacement for your favorite roasted specialty. This bean is naturally high in phosphorus and calcium (no dairy necessary), which makes it great for improving digestion. It even has some exceptional long-term benefits, too: like fighting osteoporosis in addition to your morning grogginess. Consider mixing it with your favorite brew for a healthier cuppa, or sipping it on its own for a new twist on a mocha- sans all the refined sugar.

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2.Koffee Kombucha

You probably don’t need another reason to keep sipping on everyone’s favorite probiotic wonder drink. But if you still want the taste of coffee without all the side effects, make a coffee-flavored Kombucha your morning drink of choice. Thanks to a healthy fermentation process, kombucha teas are loaded with probiotics proven to support your digestive system and flush out toxins. They also naturally contain caffeine, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your morning buzz, either.

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Maybe you don’t want to begin your morning with a sugary treat, but still want something that will make you feel all warm and cozy. If that’s the case, fill up a mug of aha Pure Foods LUCKY BONES. Bone broth has been proven to cleanse your digestive tract and promote overall gut health. Plus, thanks to tons of delicious veggies, it’s loaded nutritional profiles ensures you get a full serving of vegetables before breakfast.

4.Mushroom Coffee

Adaptogens have quickly gained popularity (and aisle space) in your favorite supermarket, but they’ve been around much longer than that. Medicinal mushrooms have been a mainstay in ancient medicinal practices where they were used to boost the immune system and even treat disease. Nowadays, we use them to increase energy, boost metabolism, and even improve brain function. The delicious blends also make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. These wonder ‘shrooms aren’t just limited to coffee, either. The same compounds that keep you alert, active, and ready to face the day are also found in our LION’S MANE soup. Formulated with hearty veggies, plenty of creamy coconut milk, and an earthy blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, the ingredients in this soup have been shown to boost energy, combat stress and fatigue, and even improve overall cognitive function. While we’re not saying to replace your afternoon pick-me up with a cup of delicious, nutrient soup, we’re also not not saying that—so take your pick.

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With Pure Intentions,

Hilary Droke