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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are powerhouses that can fuel our lives. We all know that we should be eating the right amount of these nutritious foods, but almost 90% of Americans aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables each day. Eating enough fruits and veggies can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and obesity. If you’re having trouble fitting veggies in your daily diet, here are 5 surprising ways you can fit them in your favorite foods.

  • Make smoothies with leafy greens
  • Smoothies are probably the fruity-est you can get, but try adding in some veggies and you’ll be surprised. Smoothies can help you beat the heat, recover after a hard workout or get a filling breakfast to take on the go. They’re perfect for sneaking vegetables into your diet, and, if you do it right, you can control how or how little you taste them when mixed in with your fruit. Using chopped kale or spinach in any smoothie can instantly transform it into a nutrient-rich treat. Try a blueberry and spinach smoothie or a strawberry, pineapple and kale smoothie. The possibilities are endless! 

  • Mix veggies into baked goods
  • Mixing vegetables into baked goods is probably one of the most surprising way to get your veggie fix. Plus, you might feel better about eating the entire batch of whichever dessert you make. Vegetables can help keep baked goods moist and delicious because of some vegetables’ high water retention. Making your own desserts is also a great way to make sure you know exactly what’s in your food. Try mixing in SWEET CHI to your favorite muffin recipe for a warm and comforting cinnamon-spiced-muffin flavor that goes perfectly with a cup of coffee. 

  • Use veggies in your sauce
  • Adding vegetables such as carrots, onion and even cauliflower can help bulk up a sauce, making it overall more wholesome and nutritious. Throw in any of your favorite veggies to a classic sauce or create your own new recipe with any veggies you can find! Try adding chopped veggies to pasta or make a vegan alfredo sauce with pureed cauliflower and coconut milk. Check out this recipe for Mac and CHI that uses creamy butternut squash for an aha-inspired twist on mac & cheese!

  • Meaty mushrooms
  • Mushrooms can be used as a clever substitute for meat in countless dishes. Because mushrooms have a mild, savory flavor on their own, they are great for absorbing any spices and seasoning you typically use for your meat. Mincing mushrooms and sautéing them is a great stand-in for ground beef for recipes such as bolognese. You can also grill portobello mushrooms for a mushroom burger that’s perfect for any cookout! 

  • Eat more soup!
  • Eating soup is a great way to put any vegetables you have lying around to good use. Soup is one of the simplest and most comforting meals to make, and can be filled with tons of veggie goodness. Have a single carrot, a bag of frozen peas and a can of beans that you can’t seem to get rid of? Make a pot of hearty veggie-filled minestrone! Too lazy to make your own soup? Pick up a jar of aha Pure Foods’ soup for a healthy and hearty meal crafted with that homemade-style love. 

    By steadily making small changes like these, you can work towards leading a more wholesome and nutritious life. A healthy lifestyle takes time and mindfulness – if sneaking veggies into your diet helps you eat more of them, then you’re well on your way to your own aha health moment!



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