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Butternut Squash: A Surprising Fruit

First of all, did we just call a butternut squash a fruit? We sure did. This may well be the first surprise of many as we uncover the countless health benefits and fun facts of this squash. Part of our mission at aha Pure Foods is to educate consumers about the foods they eat. We find butternut squash in many dishes—including our SWEET CHI soup! Our goal is to drop some knowledge on this ingredient and how incorporating it into your diet could enrich your life!


So, what is butternut squash and where does it come from? Butternut squash, a type of winter squash, can be found growing on vines. Butternut squash has a notable nutty and sweet taste, and its color is a yellow-orange. In parts of the world such as New Zealand and Australia, this fruit is commonly known as “butternut pumpkin”. Even though this squash is technically a fruit, it is primarily used as a vegetable when cooking or preparing it. The most popular variety of butternut squash was developed in Waltham, Massachusetts. Known for its smooth texture and sweet taste, butternut squash quickly became popular in the US and throughout the world. Now that you know the history and origin of all things butternut squash, let’s explore all the amazing benefits this surprising fruit has to offer.


Many adults suffer from are inflammation and weak immune systems. Many factors, such as poor eating habits, poor lifestyle habits, and genetics, cause these ailments. However, there is good news! Butternut squash reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system. The secret? Vitamin A. Butternut squash is loaded with it. This powerful vitamin has been shown to prevent the common cold. Furthermore, vitamin A has been shown to keep the immune system in balance. This vitamin can, in turn, prevent inflammation as an overactive immune system typically causes this.


The antioxidants found in butternut squash represents another health benefit. Research shows that eating this super food reduces oxidative stress. This type of stress occurs within the body due to high levels of chemicals and empty calories. Furthermore, oxidative stress has been linked to many diseases related to cancer. Long story short, eat more butternut squash to keep your body functioning properly and to help avoid scary diseases!


Now that you’re seeking more way to incorporate butternut squash into your diet, look no further. In order to get more of this squash, we love to eat a jar of our delicious SWEET CHI soup. Packed with butternut squash, coconut milk, carrots, and other amazing foods, this meal will fill you up and keep your body happy and healthy! Check out more of our blogs to find recipes on how to incorporate SWEET CHI into classic dishes such as mac-and-cheese!


With Pure Intentions,

Melanie Roddam


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