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Make Room for Mushrooms


        With medicinal-mushroom popularity on the rise, many are witnessing the variety of uses and benefits that mushrooms have. Mushroom beverage shops are popping up around the nation, serving up frothy mushroom concoctions with a diverse mix of healing elements. Truffle hunting is also on the rise, an age old sport to find the most fragrant and aromatic truffle. But many aren’t aware of the Lion’s Mane mushroom, which is packed full of medicinal properties and an appealing taste. This mushroom is featured in our Lion’s Mane soup, which holds 5 different types of mushrooms that work together to heal you from the inside out.


        The Lion’s Mane mushroom gets its name due to its majestic and waterfall-like appearance. It has been around for centuries, used by the ancient Chinese to heal the body and mind. Over time, small studies have shown the mushroom to improve cognitive abilities. The Lion’s Mane mushroom helps nerve growth factors production. This is what helps the brain process information. One study, for example, showed cognitive tests in older men improved after ingesting Lion’s Mane extract after 16 weeks. In 100g of this delicacy, you can find high levels of protein, vitamin D, B1, B5, and high amounts of fiber that aids digestion. 

Health Benefits

        But that’s not the end of this mushroom's healing properties, it is also used to improve gut health. Like many mushrooms, Lion’s Mane has strong antibacterial properties. This reduces the amount of unhealthy or “bad” bacteria in your stomach. These antibacterial properties are also great for combating inflammation throughout the body. 

        Lion’s Mane is an amazing mushroom that can help with various different ailments. With its distinctive flavor, similar to seafood, it is a welcome addition to any meal. At aha Pure Foods, we combine it with 4 other mushrooms, Shiitake Mushrooms, Maitake Mushrooms, Agaricus Blazei Mushrooms, and Reishi Mushrooms. When combined, the medicinal properties of each mushroom becomes more potent. We also add in various veggies in a coconut milk base which creates a savory soup that heals the body and soul.

A Note from Us

        Keep an eye out for updates on our Lion's Mane soup and an exciting announcement that will have you racing to our site. For now, tell someone about your newfound knowledge on Lion's Mane mushrooms and tell us what they think!

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