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Soups and Stretching

Soup constitutes one of the only foods in which the nutritional benefits remain consistent throughout every bite. Our aha soups provide endless flavor and medicinal properties. They are consistent; they are thoughtfully crafted; they are balanced. Much like the creation of aha soups, incorporating balance into your lifestyle yields the greatest benefits. One proven way to balance oneself, literally and metaphorically, comes with the incorporation of yoga into your weekly routine. Much like our soups, yoga takes both long-term and immediate strides towards living a more grounded lifestyle. Souping and stretching: two steps you can take towards a more serene mind and body.

Yoga contributes one part to living a balanced lifestyle. Holding the poses for extended periods of time builds muscle and increases flexibility. The root of promoting physical balance relates directly to breathing patterns. The traditional method of breathing during yoga simplifies to two components: breathing in when making upward movements and exhaling when making downward motions. On a basic level, yoga stresses balance between breathing and motion. Once one reaches a balancing pose, focus on breath allows for increased stability in both the body and mind. Many yogis begin class by asking participants to set their mental intentions for the class, or even for the rest of the week. Thinking about specific goals encourages participants to be realistic, while still reaching for something- another form of balance. Even if you do not meet a specific goal during a session, your mindset has been shifted closer to  equilibrium. Yoga contributes many unique benefits towards general welfare for every individual. Across the board, yoga helps stabilize both the mind and body.

Many parallels exist between the contributions yoga and soup make to promoting balance in a lifestyle. As mentioned, the very premise of soup exists on consistency and equal distribution of flavors and nutrients. Our aha soups allow for every bite to feed your body with medical, balancing ingredients. Our SWEET CHI, for example, focuses on neutralizing blood sugar levels through the bitter melon. The bitter melon activates the pancreas, stimulating it to secrete insulin, which triggers cells to pick up sugar from the blood.  Our FIRE-PROOF soup, a turmeric and ginger combo, keeps inflammation in check, soothing the body and clearing out congestion when sick. All of our soups promote wellness for the short and long term. Long term, the medicinal qualities listed culminate to strengthen the immune system. Short-term, eating an aha soup leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Unlike many soups, aha soups are specifically low in sodium, so the feeling of tightness due to cell dehydration does not occur. Rather, aha soups bring about a calming sensation is even said to feel akin to the feeling of serenity experienced after leaving a yoga class.

When considering taking small steps to improve wellness, look no further than soups and stretching. When incorporated into everyday life, aha Pure Foods and the practice of yoga serves to lead users to find their balance, or chi within themselves. A body and mind at harmony emanate peace and breed success.

With Pure Intentions, 

Mary Garavaglia

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