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Sous Vide

     “Sous vide” simply means "Under vacuum" in French. Sous vide is a vacuum sealed bag that is BPA free and takes 2/3rds less energy to produce than one 16oz glass jar. The sous vide method of sealing is used by high-end restaurants and chefs today. At aha Pure Foods, we are using sous vide to get our amazing soup blends to our customers!

     The sous vide pouch will arrive frozen for extended shelf life. This means that there is absolutely no worry of spoilage in transit. To enjoy the amazing soup inside, the sous vide can be dropped into a pot of hot water, heated, and then enjoyed! It is quick, simple, and safe.

     Another benefit of the sous vide is that the pouches hold in flavor and limit evaporation. This means that our aha tribe gets the absolute best product possible. Even the heating of the sous vide bag is more efficient than traditional warming. Because you can drop the bag directly into the pot, you have a direct transfer of energy from water to food meaning less energy can be used.

     Overall, the sous vide packaging allows us to reach more people at a cheaper price point without sacrificing our high-quality blends in any way! We hope that you will love sous vide as much as we do.

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