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Sous Vide


In case you missed it, we recently launched our sous vide option in our online soup shop. This is an exciting launch for us, as it makes it easier and more affordable than ever for our customers to enjoy our delicious soups. We realize that the term “sous vide” may be a little foreign, so we wanted to address some frequently asked questions.


What is sous vide?

“Sous vide” simply means "under vacuum" in French. It involves using a vacuum sealed bag that is always BPA free. The sous vide method of sealing is used by many high-end restaurants and chefs today.


How do I prepare the soup when I order sous vide?

The sous vide pouch will arrive frozen for extended shelf life. To enjoy the amazing soup inside, the pouch can be dropped into a pot of hot water, heated, and then enjoyed! It is quick, simple, and safe. This method eliminates any risk of overcooking, holds in the complex flavors, and retains the vitamins and nutrients that are packed into each of our soups.

Do your sous vide bags contain BPA?

Our pouches are BPA free and are 100% food safe.


Are the sous vide bags eco-friendly?

Our sous vide pouches take 66% less energy to produce than one 16oz glass jar. Additionally, the heating of the sous vide bag using water is more efficient than traditional warming methods.

How do I decide if I want to buy the jar or sous vide option?

We wanted to make sure our customers still had the option to choose between our traditional jars and new sous vide packaging option. Ordering the sous vide is going to offer convenience and a lower price point. Our jars remain a fantastic option for those looking to have our iconic glass jar for resealing and reusing. Regardless of your choice, you will still be receiving the same high quality and delicious soup.


Have any more questions you would like us to address? Don’t hesitate to email us at We love speaking with our customers and customer satisfaction is our top priority.