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What’s the Craze with Coconuts?

Everyone’s going coo-coo for coconuts these days. Coconut oil as a moisturizer, coconut water as a refreshing beverage, coconut milk as a nutrient-rich drink — the list goes on. Although only recently trendy, coconuts have been harvested and used in a variety of ways for centuries. Luckily, the health benefits and potential uses of this fruit measure up to the recent craze.



Coconuts belong to the palm family and thrive all over the world. Some of the primary locations that grow their parent palms (and thus the coconuts) are Polynesia, Malaysia, and southern Asia. Contrary to popular belief, and a very misleading name, coconuts are not actually nuts. They are typically classified as fruits! All parts of the coconut can be employed in some way, making them a versatile and sustaniable ingredient. Its water, flesh, husk, milk, sugar, and oil can prove useful for cooking, skin care, and building. No wonder they are so popular- a fruit of all trades!


Heart Health

Not only are coconuts useful and delicious, they also provide incredible health benefits.  In the age of fast food and processed snacks, heart disease is becoming increasingly problematic for adults in many developed nations. In fact heart disease surpasses cancer as the leading cause of death in America. Coconuts can be a preventative measure: “The medium-chain saturated fatty acids in coconut milk may improve heart health.” (Livestrong). Did we just say that eating more fats can actually improve the health of your heart? Studies show that these medium-chain fatty acids may kill some of the primary types of atherogenic organisms—bacteria that may lead to heart disease. Do your heart a favor today and have a glass of coconut milk.



Heart health isn’t the only advantage coconuts have to offer. Research has shown that consuming coconut milk can improve the state of the human immune system. “Coconut milk contains lauric acid, antimicrobial lipids, and capric acid, [all of] which have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.” (Livestrong). This is incredible news considering we live in a culture where many common lifestyle trends inhibit the immune system (staying up too late, putting ourselves in stressful career situations, and eating unhealthy foods). Drink some more coconut milk to help you stay on top of your game!


Fortifying Properties

In addition to working on your insides, coconut milk also fortifies your skin and hair.  This benefit owes to the high concentration of nutrients and fatty acids they contain. Coconut oil can also be used as a skin moisturizer. Inside and out, this fruit will have you glowing!

Bonus fact: Coconut milk contains no lactose, so it’s a great substitute for anyone who is allergic to dairy!


In Conclusion…

After only scratching the surface of coconut nutrition facts, it is easy to see how powerful these fruits can be. Try a jar of either our LION’S MANE or SWEET CHI soup if you are looking for delicious and exceptionally healthful ways to incorporate coconut milk into your diet!


With Pure Intentions,

Melanie Roddam

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